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Highland Village
Visit Cape Breton's Highland Village, a living history museum located in Iona on the Bras d'or Lakes. Immerse yourself in Gaelic culture, heritage and hospitality while exploring the 11 period buildings, a church, a general store and a one-room schoolhouse. There are also many animals including including horses, sheep and cattle to keep the children entertained. Enjoy the traditional music, Gaellic language and stunning scenic views.

If you plan your trip in August, the museum has an annual day of music, songs and dancing as well as public walking tours available, so phone ahead for information.

June 1 to October 18, 9:30am to 5:30pm.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-866-442-3542
Website: Click to visit
Location: 4119 Highway 223 Iona, NS, B2C1A3

How to get there

From Sydney: via Boisdale:

Follow 125 to Exit 3 at Route 223

Follow Route 223 west (Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic Drive) through Boisdale, Christmas Island and Grand Narrows

Cross the Barra Strait Bridge to Iona. Highland Village is 1km southwest of Iona From Sydney: via Eskasoni:

Follow Route 4 south to Route 216 at Portage

Follow Route 216 to Christmas Island and the junction with Route 223

Turn left and follow Route 223 to Iona


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