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The Gaelic College
Gaelic College of Celtic Arts and Crafts was founded in 1938 as a school devoted to the study and preservation of the Gaelic language, arts and culture. Students of all ages and ability travel from around the world to study Scottish traditional disciplines including Gaelic language and song, music, dance and craft.

The Gaelic College is located in the beautiful village of St. Ann's and boasts gorgeous grounds, scenery and newly renovated residences. The College also offers visitors a chance to learn some history of the Gaelic settlers to this area. Visitors can also enjoy an evening ceilidh or a traditional milling frolic.

Contact Information

Phone: 1-902-295-3411
Email: tracey@gaeliccollege.edu
Website: www.gaeliccollege.edu
Location: 51779 Cabot Trail Road, Englishtown, Nova Scotia, B0C 1H0, Canada

How to get there

From the Canso Causeway, take the Trans Canada Highway (#105) to St. Ann's and turn left onto the Cabot Trail (approximately 105 km from the Canso Causeway or 59 km from Sydney).


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